Urslautal Maria Alm Golf School

PGA pro, Jacques Groen has successfully been operating the Urslautal Golf Academy for 18 years. Regular guests as well as rookie golfers all enjoy the exceptionally broad selection of instruction offered here.
Urslautal Golf Academy provides a way for newcomers to the sport to get their first taste of the joys of golfing, leading to what is known here as course qualifyingfor just € 295.00. This offer only applies to 2017 and represents the best value for money in the Pinzgau region. You will receive 10 lessons /10 hours total) divided over 5 days.
The examination fee is also included in the price. Take advantage of this unique offer right now .. strike while the iron is hot, so to speak!



Golf Instruction offered at Urslautal Golf School

1-day introductory course  

Duration: 3 hours| begins: daily | price: € 95.00

Content: The ideal way to get to know the sport of golf. In the shortest of time, you will receive an introduction to this beautiful sport. In addition, the coach will demonstrate how you play out on the course itself, where you will also have an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. 

3-day beginners course

Duration: 6 hours over 3 days | begins: daily | price: € 190.00

Content: If you realize that course-qualification is interesting to you, we suggest treating yourself to this course. Here you will realize that everyone can learn how to golf and it's lots of fun. After this course, you can then decide if you wish to add an extra 2 days (6 hours of instruction) in order to complete course qualification. 

5-day course-qualifying instruction

Duration: 10 hours over 5 days | begins: Monday or Tuesday | price: € 295.00

Content: You will receive an ideal blend of theory and practice. Lessons are held on the spacious practice grounds at Urslautal Golf Club in Maria Alm. Instruction concludes with a course-qualifying examination and certificate, in accordance with Austrian and German Golfing Association guidelines. The price includes the examination fee.

Golf lessons for kids

Begin Monday or Tuesday | duration: 5 days, 1 hour daily | price: € 150.00

for children 5 and up using the "Snag Golf" method. Within the briefest of time, children will playfully learn the basic techniques.  

Playing Lessons

Duration: ca. 2 to 2.5 hours – depending on how many people participate in each flight | begins daily | HCP: -54 and above | price: € 125.00

Content: Play on 9 holes with a PGA professional. Selection of clubs, preparing your shot, and how to deal with bad shots, all important factors in any successful round. Play yourself, and observe the pro; an ideal way to improve your golf game. (The course fee is a total price for max. 3 people, green fees extra. As a guest of the Rupertus, you will receive a 30% discount).

For experienced golfers, instruction designed to help you improve your handicap is offered over 3 or 5 days (6 or 8 hours). With the help of video, the coach will work with you to optimize your motion. € 190.00 or € 295.00

Family Offer

When both parents take part in a course together, one child up to age 14 receives the same course for free. If you have more children under 14, each of them will also receive a 50% discount.

When both parents book private lessons together, then two children up to age 14 are invited to participate in the same lessons. 

Additional Offers in 2017

All course offers are per person, including balls, rental clubs, range and compact-course fees, along with equipment and video analysis as needed. 

More about the lessons offered through the Golf Academy can be found at: www. Golfakademie-urslautal.com

prices and details are subject to change. Mai 2017