Alpine Summer in Salzburger Land

Regional heritage at  Salzburg's mountain huts

Enjoy nature, escape - head for the verdant world of mountain huts, lush alpine pastures, rare alpine flowers, and fantastic mountain panoramas - what mountain holidays in Salzburger Land are all about.

Alpine Summer is filled with music, song and dance. Representatives of a long tradition, musicians perform melodies old and new, while yodelers, singers and dancers at Salzburg's mountain huts serve up a wonderful selection of delightful entertainment. And amidst all of this music, dance and laughter, guests can also look forward to delicious food and regional specialties.

Life in the hills of Salzburger Land:

  • 1800 active hill farms with thousands of cows, calves, goats and sheep 
  • 550 huts providing refreshment opportunities  
  • 170 official "Alpine Summer Huts"  

Special experiences: baking your own bread, making cheese, distilling schnapps.

"Alpine Summer" in Salzburg begins in mid June. The entire province is fragrant with the smell of hay and freshly mowed meadows.