Flying Fox Jochen Schweizer

One of the world's biggest zip lines  

a project brought to fruition by Jochen Schweizer since June 2011 in Leogang, an extraordinary aerial experience. Buckle up, and away you go  ....

"Flying Fox XXL" is the name of this new adventure, allowing daredevils to zoom like Superman at over 130 kilometers an hour towards the valley below.

Loud screams of excitement, goose pimples and a real adrenaline rush all thrown in. Safely secured with a harness, you get to enjoy a high-speed, head-first ride down to the valley. 

The sensation is like a weightless flight through the sky, very much as if you were flying a paraglider - just lots faster! Soar along across imposing mountain landscapes, experiencing the world from a bird's-eye perspective.

At these lofty heights, you will be able to tell whether, not just the cable, but also your nerves are made of steel.

From the Stöcklalm (mid-station of the Asitzbahn), you will glide a full 1.6 kilometers across the valley, enjoying the fantastic views at over 143 meters above the ground.

Pricing information and opening times are available online at:

We will be glad to help you make your plans and assist however we can.

As a guest of the Rupertus, you will receive a 10% rebate on prices.
Please contact us by phone at ++43 6583 8466 or by email