Mountain Bike Holidays

Your hosts also join you on your biking expeditions. 

Gottfried and Nadja are both certified bike guides, always more than happy to share their personal tips for your bike tour. Both of them were active bikers here, even before the region was discovered as an insider tip in the biking community.

In their efforts, the two of them are supported by Charly and the Leogang Bike School, with its team led by Sabine Enzinger. After all, their main profession is still running a hotel!  


Charly, bike guide at the Rupertus
As the "third musketeer", I ride on one of the tours offered practically every day. Once a week we also provide technique training, as we do a session that focuses on bike maintenance and repairs.


Wordrap with Gottfried and Nadja

Gottfried Herzog

Hotelier since 1977 and a permanent feature in the mountains.

As a child, I always spent my holidays up in the hills and mountains. I have climbed practically all of the peaks in the Steinberge range on foot. 

  • My first bike: a Kettler aluminium bike weighing 24 kg
  • Age: older than you think; 2 grand children; look forward to the time when I can spend more time on my bike and less time in the office!
  • Weight: I carry around 75 kg through my daily life   
  • Bikes: a BMC Trail Fox for loose trails and a HAIBIKE Allmountain XDURO 8.0
  • Favorite bike tour: Panorama trail tour with short, challenging climbs, as well as super trails. Best of all, including a refreshment stop at the Westgipfelhütte, since the food and drinks there taste just that little bit better when you are perched at 2,056 m above sea level and surrounded by such great scenery.
  • Favorite foods: muesli cereal and fresh cakes straight from the Rupertus bakery.
  • Favorite drink: I don't drink alcohol, but instead take lots of magnesium.
  • Music: " I prefer listening to birds making their own music out in the countryside …“ 
  • Calling: hotelier, father and grandfather, nature lover and conservationist   
  • Hobbies: family, the Rupertus, biking  
Nadja Blumenkamp

Mother and young hotelier

Currently, I generally bike with a trailer in tow, and those really tricky trail tours have become somewhat of a rarity. I know some of the best tours for families with kids, including beautiful refreshment stops and all kinds of other highlights.

  • My first bike: Bulls Hard-Tail
  • Age: over 40 – under 50
  • Bike: Bulls Hard-Tail – and somtimes an eBike from our Bike-Shop 
  • Favorite meals: Organic breakfast here at the hotel, pasta, salad, Gummi Bears  
  • Favorite drink: mountain spring water, Hugo or a glass of good red wine; Music: from the latest chart-toping hits to relaxing lounge tunes  
  • Calling: reconciling being a mother, wife, and running a hotel, while at the same time re-energizing as best I can out in the open countryside.
  • Hobbies: my family, as well as outdoor exercise   

    To all of our guests wanting to have an experienced guide show them the best routes and most challenging trails, we highly recommend one of our Rupertus mountain bike packages.