Training to become an MTB guide

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The Association of Austrian Bike Guides - Bikepro  (  has been conducting training for mountain bike guides for a number of years. These are held in cooperation between Bikepro and ÖRV and MTS Mountainbike Holidays. These courses have also been held 1 or 2 times a year at the RUPERTUS.


Next Date: 

May and September 2019; arrival by 6 p.m.; course opens at 8 p.m.; Please don't delay too long in submitting your registration. Trainers: Manfred Pfeifer; Greta Nowak; 

Training Goals

After training, a mountain bike guide should be equipped to organize and lead tours for tourists. Own personal riding expertise and methodical training guarantee that MTB guides are able to lead their groups safely and in a way that is kind on the environment through the open countryside, while at the same time teaching participants useful technique tips. Due to their expertise as well as social competency, they are able to make a significant contribution to guests' holiday enjoyment.

Details of the course curriculum 



Training ánd Guides

Overview of training content

80 lessons

  • Practical training in methods (teaching of fundamental skills)
  • Riding technique (improve personal expertise)
  • Touring (how to lead: group guiding, navigation,...)
  • Methodology
  • Tour planning
  • Equipment expertise  
  • First aid
  • Environmental and legal issues
  • Training techniques
  • Professional expertise/tourism.
Final examination

The last two days of the course are for examinations in theory and practice. After training, participants receive a certificate and an I.D. 


Bikepro Office
tel: +43-664-1915131

Participation Requirements
  • Technical riding ability -safe mountain biker on single trails (featuring tight turns, steep up- and downhill sections)
  • Personal good health (ref. Physician's attestation) and good endurance  
  • Own equipment and gear (ref. equipment list)
Equipment List

(obligatory for participation)

Mountain bike

The mountain bike must be in excellent technical condition!

Recommended and suitable mountain bike models:
  • Hardtail or Marathon fully
  • Safety pedals / combo pedals
Additional gear
  • Drinks bottle holder or drinks rucksack  
  • Service equipment
  • First-aid materials
  • Biking pants: long and short
  • Bike jersey: long and short
  • Shoes for pedal combinations  
  • Helmet, gloves, sports glasses and rucksack
  • Protection against wind and rain (pants and jacket)
  •  Functional underwear

Please email a current passport photo in "jpg" format to for your I.D.

Physician's attestation

A physician's attestation confirming your physical ability to participate in training (not more than 4 weeks old) must be sent to Bikepro in advance, either by fax (+43-1-8796317) or email. 

Maps of the Region:
ÖK 50: No. 3214, No. 3215, No. 3220; Scale: 1:50 000