Mountain Bike Holidays

Mountain bike pros at Hotel Rupertus

Since 2001, we have been members of Mountain Bike Holidays. We have been rated with "PRO" , which means: 7 guided tours or technique training sessions per week, in 2 ability levels per day.

Touring daily

The experts of the "Mountain Bike Holidays" select group of quality-certified hotels, regions and bike centers have recognized what the essentials are. They are out with their guests on trail tours every day, and understand that there isn't just a single offer that fits all. As different as each person is, so, too, are people's expectations of a dream vacation.

From athletes to laid-back cyclists  

Perfectly trained athletes and laid-back cyclists just looking for a bit of outdoor enjoyment, freeriders and lovers of the mountains. Whole families that are passionate about mountain biking, and others for whom road biking isn't a dirty word. All of them gather at the hotels of "Mountain Bike Holidays". And each has individual expectations based on their personal preferences. Plus, let's not forget our female bikers either, the number of whom is steadily growing and who rightly expect that their wishes aren't ignored either.



Training and Guides

The art is in providing holiday opportunities that match up with guests' individual interests. "Mountain Bike Holidays Hotels" are masters of this art, putting them one big step ahead of the competition. Theme offers, bike holiday packages with special services, tours in different ability levels, "Single Trail Weeks", technique training, freeride action, marathon training, enjoyable "Gourmet Tours", Kids on Bike and much, much more. To all those who would like to have an experienced guide show them the best routes and most challenging trails, we highly recommend one of our Rupertus Mountain Bike packages.