Ski & Snowboard Schools

At the following ski schools, all of which have their offices and assembly points within 200 m of the Rupertus, you will find a full selection of courses aimed at both adults and children.

Whether a ski kindergarten, special children's courses based on New School approaches, carving lessons, race freeriding and freestyle lessons for snowboarders, or private instruction - all courses incorporate the latest training techniques and are offered in small groups!
Every Sunday evening: get-together with our own in-house ski instructor. 
he will be available to provide you with the latest information, registration opportunities, and all kinds of tips for a successful ski vacation.



Winter Holidays at Hotel Rupertus in Leogang

And always: being able to return to the warmth of the Rupertus. Where we not only are dedicated to regionality and organic principles, but also treat you as a person and friend.

We seek to offer special moments and an ear for everyone. "Just like in the olden days ..."  Holidays where things are still authentic. We look forward to seeing you here.

Today's the perfect time to send us your no-obligation enquiry. We will send you by return post a perfect offer for your winter vacation, one that's certain to capture your excitement.

Incidentally: The photo gallery will provide you with first impressions of Hotel Rupertus in Leogang.