Snowshoeing in Leogang

Snowshoeing - feeling what winter is all about

If, in winter, you don't just want to discover the glistening world of wonders with the help of a gondola lift, but would instead prefer to use the power of your own muscles, you can do precisely that at Hotel Rupertus, for example during a guided ski tour or a group snowshoe expedition.

Away from the pistes, Gottfried Herzog will lead you out - once a week during your week-long stay - generally on Tuesdays - through the pristine winter countryside.
To do so, you will need sturdy ankle-high hiking shoes and your usual ski clothing.

Depending on how fit the rest of your group is, you will hike uphill for about 90 minutes to a mountain hut, or perhaps even further up to the Hochalm.

From here, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the snowy Leogang valley. A well-provisioned rucksack of select organic products and a hot flask of tea will keep your strength up. After all, one thing is clear: up there on the mountain, everything tastes twice as good.

The crowning experience is the descent: Depending on your ability and courage, you will be able to traverse the slopes, with small jumps promising all kinds of fun as well. And before you know it, you will be back safely in the valley.



Nature experience in its purest form

Snowshoeing is a nature experience in its purest form. It is the secluded tranquility of a winter forest covered in fresh snow. It is the way you cut the very first tracks across the virgin snow. It is the joy of reaching the goals you have set under your own steam - be that a distant peak or a nearby hilltop. Destinations that remain hidden to others.

With the first snow, landscapes suddenly acquire a totally different and new quality. Meadows, covered in bizarre formations of crystals formed by the hoar frost, glisten in the winter sun, while the trees blanketed deep in snow look like fairy-tale figures clad in a radiant cloak of white.

The snowy countryside of Schwarzleotal virtually beckons you to set out and explore on snowshoes. Magnificent views of the surrounding mountains are just waiting to be enjoyed, while, with a little bit of luck, you might also catch the occasional glimpse of wild animals as well.

Snowshoes and Nordic-walking poles are available here at the hotel for you to borrow for free.

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