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Character Tours

In the Saalfelden Leogang region.

Plentiful and variety-packed, snaking their way through the region.

Mountain bike tours

Personally tested and found to be fantastic

Whether it is steep uphill and speedy down. Or at a leisurely pace through the countryside. We have personally tested over 45 tours and found the very best ones, with new ones added each year. All the details, GPS data, images and altitude profiles can be seen on our Komoot profile. These can be conveniently stored on your mobile too. We hope you have lots of fun in Leogang's Steinberge.

Easy & Family - Tour 01 - Panoramic circuit of Saafelden

Moderately difficult

On the cycle path from Leogang head easy uphill initially to Lenzing. At the church, take a right at the main road, which is navigated via a cycle tunnel. Just before the train station we cross the tracks and continue to Haid and Bsuch. After that, head through a lovely forest and later via the bike path to Bad Neunbrunnen camp site. The cycle path continues via Maishofen to Gerling, where Gerling's little church awaits. Via Almdorf head up to enjoy the panoramic views to Maria Alm and Steinernes Meer. A short trail takes you up to Maria Alm where the main road is negotiated via the bike tunnel. In the centre of Maria Alm bear left, and head to Ramseiden. We go around the golf course via the north bike path and head to Saalfelden. At the barracks we bear right and then take the cycle path to Bachwinkl. The bike path then heads downhill to Wiesing where, after the fire station, the bike path goes back to Lenzing and to Leogang.

Easy & Family - Tour 05 - Panoramic circuit of Zeller See

Moderately difficult

Proceed at a leisurely pace along the bike path from Leogang via Saalfelden to Zell am See. There is the option here to take a detour and head into the town! Along the lake we get to experience the style of this region, a successful blend of lake and mountain. … dip in, submerge, emerge. Summer swimming paradise: the three lidos in the towns of Zell am See, Thumersbach and Seespitz - each one does of course have a solar heated swimming pool - tempting you to enjoy a dip in one of the cleanest swimming lakes in Europe. Via Schloss Kammer, Gerling and Ramseiden, proceed then back to Saalfelden and Leogang.

Easy & Family - Tour 06 - Panoramic circuit of Buchensteinwand

Moderately difficult

On the cycle path it is initially uphill for the most part to Hochfilzen, where the actual circuit around the Buchensteinwand begins, which, with its short climbs and descents, is a really lovely variety-packed route. Wilder Kaiser, Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge, the Kitzbühler Horn and Pinzgau's grass mountains are part of the panorama of this perfect beginners' tour. Arriving back in Hochfilzen again, we head on the return route back to Leogang, without missing out on a stop for refreshments in Grießen's Seealm, where we are indulged with home-made specialities from the region. The return leg is then almost only downhill until you reach Leogang

Tour & Trail - Tour 09 - Schwarzleo


The local circuit of Leogang with the two valleys of Schwarzbach and Schwarzleo-Bach. One of the few MTB circuits which are lovely to tackle in both directions and which have a similar profile. From both sides there is a long climb initially to the respective valley heads. Then the route alternates with 'ups and down's, with different panoramic views always a feature. Should your strength desert you there are few options to cut off on this route and take a different path into the valley.

Tour & Trail - Tour 08 - Buchensteinwand


'Buach' – as the locals call the Buchensteinwand. On the summit of the Buach, the loveliest viewing mountain in Pillerseetal, sun-worshippers will find their perfect destination. Superb views to the surrounding mountains in the Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge, the Wilder Kaiser and the Kitzbüheler Alps. On the bike path it is slightly uphill initially for the most part to Hochfilzen, Paffenschwendt and Fieberbrunn. Via Wall Straße proceed to St. Jakob and then the ascent to Buach. After some 600 metres altitude you will have reached your destination. Head back via Wiesensee to Hochfilzen and on the bike path back to Leogang.

Tour & Trail - Tour 07 - Around Leogang


An optimum tour for getting to know the surrounding area and being able to discern how fit you are for other bike tours. Several short to moderate climbs and descents mean that the tour can be extended or shortened as needed. Anyone who still has enough strength in their legs can factor in a detour to the Riedlalm. The Riedlalm has been around for over 350 years. Earlier a small shelter for animals, the building has become a cosy Alpine inn with superb views across Leogang. There is also the opportunity to visit Riedlspitz. The Riedlspitz is the highest point in the hiking area in the Riedlalm. It is located at 1480m altitude at the foot of the Birnhorn (2634m).

Tour & Trail - Tour 06 - Biberg

Moderately difficult

The cycle path is a leisurely affair, heading slightly downhill to Saalfelden, continuing to Harham. It is here that the 500 metre ascent begins, with 15 hairpin bends to Örgenbauernalm. After a brief flat section, the route continues uphill, until after a short descent and final climb, we are just above Berggasthof Biberg - the highest point of the tour. Here riders get to take in the wonderful panorama of one of the loveliest viewing mountains in the region and enjoy some wonderful food, before tackling the descent to Leogang. Just before Leogang it is worth popping in to Sinnlehenalm, to sample some home-made cakes and coffee. The final few kilometres can then be tackled with ease.

Tour & Trail - Tour 04 - Spielbergalmen


Schwarzleotal is a 'cool' tip for riders, especially on hot summer days. Keeping to Schwarzleo-Bach proceed up 500 metres altitude to the head of the valley, where another ascent of some 150 metres altitude awaits, and which takes a bit of effort! Via a short forest and pastureland trail we come to Lindlalm. This cosy and authentic Alpine inn has superb panoramic views and is a pure Alpine idyl, and will help you forget the climb forthwith. Culinary tip: Resi’s 'Almwuzzla'.

Tour & Trail - Tour 03 - Soft trail

Moderatly difficult

A leisurely pace initially, helped by the gondola, taking you up to the Asitz mountain station (which is why the ascent is a mere 139m altitude). After the first trail there is a short section where you need to push the bike - but your reward is a dreamy panorama view - the route is then undulating to the Thurneralm. From here continue on a forest and meadow trail to the Spielberg plateau. The border between Salzburg and Tyrol is located here. Passing Spielberghaus and Burgeralm, head up on the forest trail to the 'Eiserne Hand' guesthouse in Fieberbrunn. A short climb takes us to Hochfilzen. It is then a leisurely ride back on the bike path passing 'Griessener Moor' to get to Leogang.

Tour & Trail - Tour 10 - Großer Asitz


The second of the local circuits in Leogang. One of the few MTB circuits which really are lovely to tackle in both directions and which are similar in profile. There is the option of taking a somewhat steeper climb, or a flatter one. Having reached the top we then decide between taking the trail descent or the standard route. There are new HOT SHOTS on the trails. The approx. 3.5 km trail starts at the Asitz mountain station, and provides fun riding for all ability levels. At about 2 metres in width the idyllic path meanders right through the forest, with easy to negotiate tables, waves and other obstacles down to the intermediate station. From the intermediate station for the tried and proven HANGMANN 2. This "Single Trail" proceeds direct from the intermediate station via an Alpine pasture to the neighbouring forest. Here the route proceeds in serpentines, equipped with Anliegern and pumps, up to the forest trail and from here there is a section where we take a left into Embachhalde. Via this Alpine path and then via the bike path along the Leoganger Ache, we then get directly to the valley station for the Asitzbahn and back to the hotel.

Enduro & Park - Tour 01 - Big 5


The entire tour is well-signposted with the BIG-5-BIKE logo and proceeds past a total of 13 check points. Some of these have a photo function, known as snapshot stations. Register at each check point with your KeyCard (lift ticket) and take a memento photo of your very own 'BIG-5-BIKE Challenge'. Each access terminal at the valley stations for the cable car facilities is automatically a checkpoint, 6 additional and 2 check-out points complete the tour (not compulsory!) are installed along the route. Use your lift card to register. The ticket has a key detector and checks you in. At the check points which have a photo station, after you register ,just stand at the marked point in front of the camera and after a few seconds your picture will be taken, with a breath-taking panorama in the background and this will then be published on and Lift ticket required! (Saalfelden Leogang Card)

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