Organic - pure enjoyment

Crisp salads and fresh vegetables are in-season throughout the year in the kitchens at the Rupertus.

We have a constant supply of organic products. Our kitchen and bar have been completely re-conceived to be 100% organic. 

And as part of our commitment to "be organic", we voluntarily open our doors to twice-yearly quality inspections.

There are so many reasons to choose ORGANIC: When you think of the environment, when you think of animal husbandry and, of course, when you think of the very best quality foods. Which is one reason why, when you shop for foods, you should always look for the AMA ORGANIC SEAL. For further information, please visit

Enjoyment with a clear conscience: GENUINE and ORGANIC is what it's all about. That's the motto we live by.



Environmental Seal of Quality

We at the Rupertus are doing something for the environment!

Our philosophy of climate protection  

We have been a member of the Climate Alliance since 2008, constantly thinking of ways we can do something for our environment.

An intact environment is the No.1 reason why guests like to book, not least because it provides them with an ideal recreational setting. But we should also remember, it's also about this place we call home, where we work, live and raise our children. For many years now, our goal has been to introduce our staff as well as our guests to the amazing world in which we live, both through outdoor exercise and healthy nutrition. Reduction in emissions as well as improvements to our building are a matter of course. Climate protection doesn't happen in a single day, but rather it is a long-term process - one which we support 100%.

What we have done to-date in the cause of climate protection  
  • extremely low need to heat rooms due to optimal insulation, planning and management of room heating;
  • through the Salzburg Organic Breakfast, we took the 1st step in the direction of a holistic concept. Regional products from inspected organic farmers don't just provide us with better nutritional value, they also represent a sustainable approach to supply;
  • ideal heat insulation in new additions on the south-west side;
  • biomass-generated heating throughout the hotel and private quarters;
  • conversion to low-energy lighting;
  • building for employee quarters just 200 m away - ¾ of staff are pedestrians, while the house is also biomass-heated;
  • energy-saving induction ovens
  • use of motion detectors
  • energy-saving information provided to guests and staff 
  • exclusive use of eco-electricity  
Future Measures
  • introduction of an energy-focused accounting system;
  • warm-water heating by means of solar collectors and heat pump;

    We meet all of the criteria established by the European Eco Label and the Eco Seal for tourism businesses in Austria.

    NEW: our own electric recharging station for all guests who have decided in favor of this form of mobility.