Hotel with the highest possible quality

Soothing sleep and healthy enjoyment  

Recipient of the Austria Bio Certificate, the Ecolabel and the Green Brands Award.

TEH - European Healing

Herbal Magic at Hotel Rupertus - "Holidays - where things are still genuine"

During your holiday, benefit from the wisdom about 50 of the most important European natural remedies here in the Alps. Be those herb hikes, herbal incense, tips for preparing herbal ointments or herbal lemonade, ...
Villgrater Natur

Villgrater Natur: sheep’s wool blankets in all organic rooms and nature suites

Metal-free beds. Local materials. Modern design, Warm ambiance. Clear lines. Loden, linen and wool. Oiled wood flooring. Walking barefoot. The fragrance of wood throughout the hotel. Re-energizing sleep amid pine furniture, proven to lower your pulse rate.
Austrian Eco Seal

The Rupertus is proud recipient of the Eco Seal for Tourism

Sustainability is, for us, a valuable component of the Hotel Rupertus philosophy. Every eco-conscious guest demands quality, both in lodging amenities, meals as well as all those "little" things.