European Eco Label

The European Eco Label  

is an environmental seal of quality that transcends national borders, used across the European market as a standardized way to distinguish eco-friendly products and services.

In Austria, the supervisory authority is the Ministry of Food  

Today, a wide variety of products and services have been certified with the European Eco Label. These - along with those displaying the Austrian Eco Seal - are distinguished by eco-friendliness, sustainability and high quality.

The number of certified products is growing steadily, since more and more producers are placing ever greater value on the Eco Label as a means to highlight the eco-friendliness of their products. The European Eco label is awarded throughout EU as well as EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).
More and more people are contributing to environmental protection through their own consumer behaviors.

Hotel Rupertus meets all criteria of the Austrian Eco Seal which also permits it to market itself under the European Eco Label.


Helga Berger, Marketing
The eco-friendly guest demands quality - not just in terms of accommodation amenities, but also when it comes to food & board.