Eco Seal for Tourism

The eco-conscious guest demands quality  

- not just in accommodation amenities, but also when it comes to food & board. As a bearer of the Austrian Eco Seal and the European Eco Label, we live up to this important responsibility.

In the Rupertus kitchen, foods from organic farms with species-appropriate farming methods are a top priority. We also do our best to purchase seasonal products from regional suppliers.

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The symbolism of the eco seal

The graphic design of the Austrian Eco Seal bears the unmistakable signature of its creator, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The logo symbolizes the major elements of ecology: earth, water, nature and air.


Gottfried Herzog, manager
The Salzburg Environmental Service also awarded us the "Salzburg Environmental Leaf" for all of our activities pertaining to trash separation and energy use.


Guiding Principle

The Austrian Eco Seal stands for higher quality of life and the environment, clear and transparent information, strict criteria, environmental politics as the responsibility of businesses & organizations, collaboration at the highest level, along with optimal service.

  • Higher quality of life and the environment:
    more eco protection, more preventive health care, high product quality, an ethical foundation, as well as individual responsibility  

  • Clear and transparent information:
    Making it easier for consumers and key figures to make informed decisions, eco information for producers, expertise for multiplicators

  • Strict criteria:
    state-wide, independent, objective and measurable criteria, comprehensive evaluation of eco-friendly products and services  

  • Environmental politics as the responsibility of businesses:
    special distinction for voluntary eco-friendly approaches, support and promotion of sustainable production  

  • Collaboration at the highest level:
    with environmental and product-certification systems such as EMAS & ISO 14001, marketing cooperations

  • Better service:
    Support of trademark holders (certification, marketing, ...) for ecological projects

The Eco Seal is awarded to products, tourism businesses and educational institutions. It provides the public with information about the environmental burden of consumer goods created through manufacturing, use and disposal.