TEH - regional healing arts

The RUPERTUS was the first hotel to be accepted into the select circle of TEH partners.

The philosophy of our hotel received major recognition, and Nadja Blumenkamp was trained as "Herb Witches" in numerous courses and workshops. She loves to share the knowledge she has gained with our guests, out in Mother Nature as well as during tours of our garden. This has been documented in the theses written by her.

Traditional European Healing

The TEH Association, whose activities are not-for-profit, aims to promote ancient, regional healing arts and make them more accessible to the general public. The goal is to breathe new life into Traditional European Healing.
The initial idea behind the scientific foundation of the TEH Academy was the increasing demand for biogenic medications, as it was the aforementioned trend in the direction of natural approaches to healing.

The scientific work at Paris Lodron University, Focus Area "BioScience and Health", was focused on an attempt to develop a usage concept for traditional, biogenic remedies. As part of the process, 33 people from the region underwent qualitative interviews relating to the theme of regional biogenic medications. The data collected was then subject to scientific investigation.

Natural Remedies in Salzburger Land

The most important natural forms of medication in Salzburger Saalachtal are resins, onion, pork lard, honey, vinegar, arnica, spruce, clay, marigold, St. John's wort, milk, potatoes, elder, water, hay flowers, horseradish, beer, oats, plantain, yarrow, birch, nettle, garlic, egg, ferns, houseleek and juniper.



Organic pure and simple

Opening times at "TEH naturwerke" in Unken:
Tuesday - Friday 1 - 7 p.m.  

The following courses are offered as part of the TEH project.
  • Cooking herbal ointments
  • Making effective tinctures  
  • Fragrant pillows to aid sleep  
  • Silky, soft body oils  
  • Uses of St. John's wort oil  
  • Everything about Baths: bathing cosmetics
  • "Treading Water" using the Kneipp method  
  • "Pitch Perfect"
  • Dandelion, buckhorn, & burnet: Delicious products from wild herbs  
  • Mixing and sampling in the tea room  
  • Mandrake, Henbane & Co: a journey into the world of magical herbs  
  • Using local herbs and resins for smoking foods  
  • and much more!

Director of the TEH Academy: Dr. Karin Buchart, lecturer from Salzburg University | 0664 599 1811 | salbei@teh.at | www.teh.at