Villgrater Natur

A healthy, natural bed made of pure sheep's wool  

A person spends about one third of their life in bed. Good reason, then, to make the sleep setting as natural as possible. By means of the sleeping systems manufactured by Villgrater Natur, we are delighted to offer our guests the ideal opportunity to enjoy a great night's sleep.

A healthy, natural bed made of pure sheep's wool provides the protective cocoon our body needs during the night, as it does the air you need to breathe. The bed counterbalances fluctuations in the ambient temperature, absorbs moisture produced by the body, and protects the body from cold, heat and drafts.

Every person loses about half a liter of fluids during the night. Sheep's wool is able to absorb about one third of its own weight in moisture, then return it to the surrounding air. Sheep's wool breathes, thus creating a unique climate for sleeping. In addition, it also has the same characteristics as a sheepskin: warm in winter, cool in summer.



Villgrater Natural Beds

In order to preserve its nature-given good characteristics, the wool used in "Villgrater Natur-Betten" is washed PH-neutral with soda and water, leaving it essentially as nature intended. The wool is carefully carded, with the carding speed reduced in order to damage the fibers as little as possible, the pile laid in layers of fleece and not, as is common practice, chemically sprayed or impregnated. "Villgrater Natur" makes exclusive use of natural materials, which are neither dyed nor chemically treated.

All of our organic rooms and nature suites at the Rupertus feature products by Villgrater Natur: Warm in winter, cool in summer. The snug bedspreads and pillows are all washable and anti-allergenic.