Organic Breakfast Buffet

taste nature ....

Mrs. Herzog´s very special attention is given to her lovingly created organic breakfast buffet.

Step by step, the various products were completely changed to organic. Twice a year, this is inspected by an unannounced commission, who also compare our shopping lists with actual usage.

We are proud of being able to offer you this high quality of natural products. And believe us when we say: You can really taste all the goodness they contain.



ORGANIC products during your holidays

The following organic products await you to get your vacation day off to a healthy start:

  • a wide selection of sausages, hams and cheeses, hard venison sausage, salami  
  • homemade cheese- and buttermilk spreads  
  • fresh breads, breakfast rolls etc.  
  • farmhouse and creamery butter  
  • homemade jams, different honeys, and honey on the honeycomb  
  • organic coffee, Bioteaque and Sonnentor teas and hot chocolate  
  • various cereals and dried fruits to mix yourself  
  • Bircher muesli  
  • milk, natural and berry yogurts  
  • scrambled eggs with bacon, eggs from the organic farm to cook yourself
  • selection of organic juices produced by Hasenfit

By advance order we also offer you a selection of gluten- and lactose-free organic products.
So that you don't have to forego a single thing, we also offer these items produced using conventional farming methods:
boxed cereals, orange and grapefruit juice from the juice dispenser, Nutella, low-cal margarine, as well as some fruits and vegetables.
As for the rest of our "culinary day", be sure to check out our section under organic cuisine