When cooking is organic

Crispy salads and fresh vegetables are in season year-round in the kitchens here at the Rupertus. High-quality organic products are always in constant supply.

The breakfast buffet has now become 95% organic. Meat and local fish from organic farms are clearly labeled for your enjoyment, while eggs for your breakfast buffet or bought from an organic farm in town.

Twice a year, we voluntarily open our doors for unannounced quality inspections.

Enjoyment with a clear conscience - it has to be GENUINE, and that's the motto we live by. A sweet conclusion to your meal menu and regional organic cheeses from the cheese platter add the perfect finishing touches to your culinary vacation day.




Organic Suppliers

Rupertus' Organic Suppliers:

  • Firma Ablinger, Oberndorf - sausage, ham and meat products
  • Juffinger, Thiersee - meat products
  • Biogast
  • Bioteaque, Traunstein - tea varieties
  • Sonnentee, Zwettl - tea varieties and herbs
  • Saalachtal Farm Shop, Saalfelden - cheese, sausage, schmaltz, venison sausage and other regional specialties  
  • Sinnlehenhof Leogang - cheese
  • Zieferhof, Otting - Leogang "Mei Muich" - fresh milk and yogurt
  • Anton Haubenberger, Petzenkirchen - breads and breakfast rolls
  • Alois Schnaitl, Maria Alm - natural beef from mother-cow farms  
  • Sebastian Herzog, Leogang - milk-fed veal
  • Hagleitner, Zell am See - natural hygiene, kitchen and sanitary cleaning supplies  
  • Pinzgau Milch, Maishofen - milk, butter, yogurt, cheese
  • Denn's - Bio market, Austria - wholesaler for jams, cereals, dried fruits, pastry products, rice, vegetables, eggs, fruits, ... 
  • WILDeNatur, wild game from the Hohe Tauern National Park Region  
  • Rupert Zehentner, Leogang - Tödlinggut cheese, butter, buttermilk spread, whey products  
  • Ökohof Elisabeth Feldinger Wals
  • Organic juices from Hasenfit, Hofkirchen
  • Organic eggs from Enn organic farm in Leogang
Regional Supplier of Organic Honey:
  • Imkerei Grünwald in Hinterglemm
Veal from the Kleintödlinghof in Leogang

With joy and responsibility, the Herzog family go about their work on their historic farm.
This farm has existed since 1736, now with 30 ha of grassland, 4 ha of pastures and 2 ha of forest.

Since 1990, the Kleintödlinghof has been a certified, quality-inspected organic farm and a member of the Bio Austria association.

They take care of around 20 head of dairy cows and some 30 young cattle. Pigs, hens, cats and rabbits also belong to the farm. The milk which is produced is sold to the "Pinzgau Milch“ dairy in Maishofen.
Meat and eggs are generally sold farm-direct, while the young cattle is sold at auction.

We at the Rupertus are regularly supplied by the Herzog family, and virtually all parts of the organic calves are ultimately used in the Rupertus' kitchen.

Organic - genuine enjoyment with a sense of responsibility! You will sense it from morning to evening as part of our Deluxe Organic Board.