Our Organic Garden

The organic garden is the hobby and the "baby" of Hotel Rupertus.

You will constantly find us "in action" there during the summer months. From time to time, you will see us busy harvesting, re-sowing or planting something new and exciting.

Currently we boast over 50 different organic herbs, which are used in our kitchen as well as being dried to make tea for the winter.

Each small herb has its own healing power and importance.
As you stroll the garden you will pass by beds of tomatoes and chives, various lettuces, then continue to our "Berry Snack Garden" and the swimming pond.



ORGANIC products from our own garden

In the summer months we harvest a fresh "bowl of Rupertus leaf lettuces" daily for our salad buffet.  It simply doesn't get any fresher than that.

The fruit trees are a little on the young side admittedly. But that means our joy during harvest time in the autumn is greater still.

Pears are cooked into compote and the apples stored as they ripen. The berries are processed immediately, and of course, a little snacking never hurt anyone!  

Right off the bush - as fresh and flavorful as can be!

Summer lilac - also known as "Butterfly Bush" - is a No. 1 attractant for various butterflies. We often count as many as 30 in one small area. A small natural wonder that you don't get to see every day.

Amid all of this diversity, guests of the Rupertus are able to find many small spots to enjoy leisurely sunbathing, daydream on floating lounge chairs or the many benches, taking in the views of the Leoganger Steinberge and plants in abundance.

Holidays where things are still genuine. We look forward to seeing you here!