Holidays to take home with you

Organic delicacies from the Rupertus' kitchen to enjoy at home.

We offer a selection of Rupertus' specialties for you to take home with you. That way, you can enjoy a bit of your holiday, a bit of the Rupertus within your own four walls.

All of these products are either homemade or come from local organic farmers.



A Wide Selection

The choice is yours:

  • ORGANIC CHEESES from Tödling Farm
  • ORGANIC sour cream and butter, buttermilk spread from Tödlingbauer Farm  
  • ORGANIC cream and wild honey
  • Fragrant ORGANIC breads from the Rupertus bakery incl. sunflower bread, whole-grain bread, rye bread, ...
  • Homemade jams and jellies
  • ORGANIC Hasenfit juices to enjoy at home: pear-apple, carrot-apple-orange, orange-apple-red beet. ... 
  • Wide selection of other specialties - from natural herbs salt and fig mustard, to energy stones for your water jug at home.