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Relaxation massages

For greater well-being

Thanks to their rhythmic and slow movements, relaxation massages provide pure relaxation. They help alleviate stress and re-open the energy channels in your body. Especially after trying times, relaxation massages help you discover your personal balance again.

Aromatherapy relaxation massage

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50 mins € 65,00 Enquire now

Gentle massage techniques have a relaxing effect. The aromatic oils have an effect on the vegetative nervous system, loosen and harmonise. You can choose from the following organic hydrolates: rose, sage and aloe vera

Hot Stone massage

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70 mins € 95,00 Enquire now

This wonderful massage with warm stones brings deep relaxation and well-being. It relaxes the muscles, boosts positive energy and brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

Herbal pouch massage

Duration Price Arrange an appointment
70 mins € 98,,00 Enquire now

The secret of herbal stamp massage lies in the mixture between warm oil and fragrant stamps. Warmth and the power of the herbs combine to form a package of active ingredients, which boosts blood circulation and flushes out waste products. With the Pantha Jama (herbal) stamp massage, your immune system is stimulated, complexion improved and you'll experience deep and soothing relaxation.

Face-neck-decolleté massage

Duration Price Arrange an appointment
25 mins € 42,00 Enquire now

Your face and cleavage are massaged with gentle strokes. You'll experience pure relaxation.

Bio-energetic facial and head massage

Duration Price Arrange an appointment
25 mins € 38,00 Enquire now

With a gentle massage, energy meridians become unobstructed again and blockages are undone.

Facial and head massage 'men'

Duration Price Arrange an appointment
25 min € 32,00 Enquire now

This head, neck and face massage has a therapeutic effect, relieves and cleanses. It allows intensive relaxation and promotes blood circulation, the lymphatic flow and metabolism.

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