Enjoy the Rupertus garden

The Rupertus organic hotel garden - a holiday island  

Just imagine snuggling down into the floating loungers in the pergola, surrounded by all of those flowers and herbs. Snacking on sweet strawberries, or simply watching the butterflies and dragon flies. Captivated by the fragrance of roses, the mountains and forest always in view: This is what summer getaways are all about. In a place that is still as genuine as can be.

And every now and then as a change of pace, perhaps a few refreshing laps in our 25 m organic swimming pond. Or how about a stroll through our Kneipp spa or along the barefoot path? Spruce cones, small pebbles, beds of chamomile and thyme, all stimulate the fine nerves in your feet whilst promoting blood circulation. True inspiration for body and mind.

Your summer vacation day gets underway in the morning with an organic breakfast rich in variety, enjoyed out on the terrace in nice weather.

From here, you can take a relaxing stroll down to the organic hotel garden. Passing beds of herbs and vegetables, you will seemingly float through an archway of roses. The garden is the Herzog family's favorite hobby. From May to October, there is always something to harvest and snack on.



Dream Garden

So much to discover: The old wooden bench with view of the Leoganger Steinberge serves as a shady spot in the height of summer. The double floating loungers in the pergola invite you to dream the hours away, providing ample space for two.

On the comfy, sunny lounge chairs, you can enjoy a quiet nap, while you are also just a few steps from the organic swimming pond, reserved exclusively for the enjoyment of Rupertus guests. 

Every day, seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries are harvested. Many of these are also to be found in the evening salad buffet, or made into delicious jams and chutneys.