Organic swimming pond in the hotel garden

A few steps bring you to the refreshing wet waters of our organic swimming pond. It will bring a smile to your face that would even do the sun proud. 25 m of water to dive, swim and be happy. Swim a few laps accompanied by views of waterlilies in bloom and fine pebbles, or perhaps work on your backstroke as you look out at the imposing mountain panorama. A small area of reeds for a bit of privacy, as well as a playground for the dragon flies. A sand box for the youngsters. A garden sauna with window looking out on the mountains. Many comfortable lounge chairs and seats so you can unwind completely. The barefoot path with a bed of chamomiles and spruce cones. The fragrant flowers and herbs. Holidays where things are still genuine.

In the summer months, every day I ensure the water quality in our swimming pond. In the winter months, there is an "ice hole" at the edge of our snow-covered lake. Gottfried Herzog, host.


Sun loungers to enjoy in your holidays

Sunny, shady, snuggly places ...

The sun loungers, with their soft, snuggly mats, invite you to stretch out, be lazy and allow your thoughts to wander. Add to that an exciting book ... what holidays are all about!

The babbles steadily in the background, the birds twitter us a marvelous song, every now and then a butterfly flutters past on its way to the lavender, the fragrance of roses caresses us, the mountains look down on us,.... truly beautiful.