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Replenish your inner energy

Supple body. Open mind.

With a view to the fundamental, in search of the bigger picture.

Yoga holiday

Breathe in. Breathe out. Switch off.

When we are in harmony with body and mind, it is possible to escape the hectic pace of the daily grind and discover relaxation – to see the 'bigger picture'. We support our guests to be healthy and to enjoy long-lasting relaxation. Yoga is one of the approaches that we pursue here. Attentively practiced with no pressure to perform, the individual positions lead to a new state of consciousness, bringing tranquillity to your mind and finally a sense of being for yourself.

Yoga holiday in Bio-Hotel Rupertus

5 good reasons

for yoga

  • Yoga releases feelings of happiness Specific Yoga exercises stimulate special areas in your body and promote the release of endorphins.
  • Yoga changes feelings Negative emotions leave behind traces in our body. Yoga liberates all these stagnant, negative energies.
  • Yoga helps you enjoy a satisfying life Yoga for life encapsulated in words: motivation, courage and the inspiration to be happy.
  • Yoga trains more than just your body With specific breathing techniques you establish a connection with your mind and create a relaxing and calming effect in your nervous system.
  • Yoga helps you feel a deep connection with yourself The specific connection of body, mind and soul create a harmonious unity where you understand that your happiness is dependent on you and you alone.

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